We Love Our Partners: Introducing Worldwide Breast Cancer

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 8, 2017 9:14:01 AM / by Michelle Cucchi

Cimpress Open is thrilled to be announcing our newest partner, non-profit charity Worldwide Breast Cancer to support their campaign Know Your Lemons! If you follow BBC, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Glamour and many other publications, you may have already heard of Worldwide Breast Cancer and their Know Your Lemons campaign and mission. The average lifetime risk for breast cancer is 1 – in – 8 for women, and the large majority of those diagnosed do not have a family history of the disease. This is much of the reason why almost all of us have been affected by the disease in some way, whether that be knowing someone who has it or being diagnosed yourself.

Know Your Lemon’s aim is to reach every woman in the world to educate them about the signs of breast cancer to help reduce deaths from the disease by 25% by 2025. Their approach uses the power of design and images that educate, empower and speak in a way that goes beyond words. Worldwide Breast Cancer recognized three major challenges in spreading global awareness; barriers of literacy, taboo and fear.

  1. Literacy: The majority of health messages are communicated through text, but in the USA, 1 in 5 patients have low literacy. And globally, literacy is an even larger problem. Worldwide Breast Cancer recognized that to save lives, messages need to communicated beyond text.
  2. Taboo: Breasts are usually associated with sex, and are therefore often censored in public, making it difficult to “show” what breast cancer may look like. Worldwide Breast Cancer recognized the need to show breasts in a way that can be displayed in public.
  3. Fear: Plain and simple, talking about cancer is scary. Fear of the unknown often stops women from talking about symptoms during a stage when it can be treated. In developing countries, more than half of women diagnosed are diagnosed in a terminal stage, compared to just 10% in developed countries. Worldwide Breast Cancer aims to approach the topic in a friendly and familiar way.

So how does Worldwide Breast Cancer do all of this? The answer is extremely creative and award winning content. The next 4 images are Know Your Lemons’ visuals that are helping educate, empower and speak to women all over the world.





“The 3 biggest barriers to breast cancer education are literacy, taboo, and fear, which was how we came up with the lemons concept and designs. Now, these beautiful images can be seen by even more people through physical, tangible materials that are printed and shipped when needed to over 70 counties in addition to online and in the media.” - Corrine & Katherine, Worldwide Breast Cancer


These images are only a handful of the educational visuals that Know Your Lemons offers. But, having these images in digital format can only go so far. Many of the developing countries that Worldwide Breast Cancer is trying to reach, often do not have access to the technology needed to view these images on a regular basis through shares on social media and other media publications. That is where Cimpress Open comes in!

As a team of two, Katherine and Corrine need to be able to run the organization and not worry about the physical materials needed by their Lemonistas to raise awareness and spread the word. The two state “Before Cimpress Open, it was difficult for us to manage #KnowYourLemons inventory successfully and ship material out. We couldn't provide our campaign materials in a scalable way for our global education partners. Now, it is easy for our partners in over 70 countries to order materials when they need them and educate about the 12 signs of breast cancer. Cimpress Open takes care of all global shipping, making our former logistics headache a restful night’s sleep. We are educating the world in a way we never could before. Thanks Cimpress Open for being part of saving lives when it comes to breast cancer.”

At the beginning of the partnership, Worldwide Breast Cancer began work with our partner Custom Gateway, a company that creates ecommerce websites and shops. Through that work, Custom Gateway was able to hook up our API to Worldwide Breast Cancer’s Know Your Lemons store so they could begin offering print materials for education and awareness. Materials range from postcards to posters to leaflets to assessment forms as well as cool Lemon Gear like T-Shirts and Mugs.  


Cimpress Open is proud to call Worldwide Breast Cancer a partner. To give a small team the ability to focus on their mission instead of inventory and shipping, to help an organization spread awareness, and to create another outlet for the #KnowYourLemons designs to be seen by as many eyes as possible, is beyond fulfilling.


To check out more about Worldwide Breast Cancer visit their site, you can also view their Materials and Lemon Gear in their shop

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